For Hedge & Private Equity Funds

For Hedge & Private Equity Funds

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This section of the Grahall website is for Hedge & Private Equity organizations. Grahall has a long history of working with the unique challenges associated with the management of these unique asset management organizations. Here, you will find the knowledge, solutions, and resources to make you and your organization more effective. We assist Hedge & Private Equity Fund executives in the following major areas:

  • Recruiting new staff (both investment and non-investment staff)
  • Evaluating and structuring executive compensation offers and contracts
  • Recommending appropriate compensation for partners and staffsubordinates
  • Designing reward programs to reach the goals of the founders, owners and organization
  • Coaching fund employees on their own and their staff’s development

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Grahall Knowledge

What is common knowledge in the marketplace? It is harder then ever to find the right fund executives and or investment personnel; the economy and most investment funds have become more global, interlocked and therefore volatile; roles and responsibilities of fund executives are increasing and decision making is ever more difficult with less investor tolerance for mistakes; the risks are greater than ever; government regulation and reporting more invasive; and the status quo and consultants that advise based on what everyone else is doing can be dangerous to your organization, and the list goes on and on.

Grahall provides knowledge for Fund executives. We have data, information and knowledge specific to the challenges faced by executives in alternative asset management firms in the form of blogs, books, surveys, research reports, articles and white papers all available for immediate download.

Grahall Solutions

Knowledge is only part of the key to success as an alternative asset management fund executive. Proven people and reward solutions that respond to the challenges you face, and sustainable results is how investor will measure your organization. Allocating scarce people and reward resources among critical investment strategy needs determines the winners and losers in today’s ever increasingly competitive investment markets.

Grahall provides solutions in the form of consulting, tools, or reports specific to your key challenges.

People Resources

We encourage fund executives looking for consulting partners to select them based upon their and their organizations needs. Those needs may be specific to the issue (investor relations, Advisory Board compensation, Partner or investment professional rewards and contracts, investment professionals compensation in general, development incentives or general employee rewards. Whatever the criteria, Grahall’s unique system allows you to review and select the consultant you wish to use based on know how, organization stage or event and even location. Grahall Consultants have worked with start-up funds to ensure success from the beginning and funds with long histories of success.

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