For Associations

For Associations

This section of the Grahall website is for associations interested in furthering the interests of their members. Here, you will find the knowledge, solutions, and resources to make you and your association more effective. We assist associations in the following major areas:

  • Providing data, information, and knowledge for you to use with your members
  • A series of fully automated survey’s to utilize to assist your members on unique issues
  • Speakers and trainers that can be brought in to your meetings on a revenue sharing basis
  • A full set of Automated Solutions that you can use with your members which will increase your effectiveness with them and the profit margin for you
  • Part-time or full-time general or specialized technical staff to augment your own association services
  • A “retail store” for you to sell your intellectual capital to Grahall site visitors and association members

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Grahall Knowledge

What is common knowledge in the Association industry? It is harder then ever to find the resources; because the economy and most industries have become more global, interlocked and therefore volatile your association members businesses are more complex; members and potential members are more sophisticated and are more demanding in general and association groups that represent the status quo with tired offerings and resources for members will not satisfy their members needs or sustain themselves as a viable entity.

Grahall provides knowledge for associations. We have data, information and knowledge specific to the challenges faced by association professionals and their members in the form of blogs, books, surveys, research reports, articles and white papers all available for immediate download.

Grahall Solutions

Knowledge is only part of the key to success as an association. Old data and methodologies that are tired, old and out of context today can waste time, leave your organization in a less effective position and hurt your member’s interests. Allocating your scarce resources among critical alternative opportunities determines the winners and losers in today’s ever increasingly competitive market.

Grahall provides solutions in the form of fully automated calculators, tools, or reports specific to your member needs.

People Resources

We encourage associations looking for partners to augment their own offerings and resources to select them based upon their own and their members needs. Those needs may be specific to the issue (investor relations, Board compensation, CEO rewards and Contracts, executive compensation, sales force effectiveness, employee pay, recruiting or training); or the stage of the client organization (start-up, emerging, growth, mature, challenged or turnaround); certain client events (IPO, M&A, Divestiture, or Bankruptcy); or it may be that specific industry knowledge is critical. Whatever the criteria, Grahall’s unique system allows you to review and select the consultant you wish to partner with based on know how, organization stage or event, industry and even location.

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