For Employees

For Employees

This section of the Grahall website is for employees in today’s organizations. Here, you will find the knowledge, solutions, and resources to make you the organizations you work in more effective. We assist employees in the following major areas:

  • Assist you in understanding your organizations reward program
  • Evaluating employee effectiveness
  • Understanding appropriate pay for Boards of Directors
  • Reviewing Executive Compensation as employees within an organizaion

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Grahall Knowledge

What is common knowledge in the marketplace? It is harder then ever to find the right organizations to seek employment; the roles and responsibilities of employees are changing and job security is for many a thing of the past; the risks are greater than ever; layoffs, outsourcing, and the need for continuous improvement in your “employability” is a “front and center” issue, and the list goes on and on…

Where can you go to get a straight answer to key questions? Grahall provides knowledge for employees. We have data, information and knowledge specific to the challenges faced by employees in the form of blogs, books, surveys, research reports, articles and white papers all available for immediate download.

Grahall Solutions

Knowledge is only part of the key to success as an employee. Proven solutions that respond to the challenges employees face is how individuals are measured. Grahall provides solutions in the form of consulting or fully automated calculators, tools, or reports.

People Resources

We encourage employees looking for the right organization to select them based upon their own needs. Those needs may be specific to the employment or the need to understand how the organization is rewarding its leadership. Whatever the criteria, Grahall’s unique system allows you to review and select the information you need.

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