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Virtual IS Reality


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Expert Perspective by Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board

In her article for the Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money (Six Ways to Manage a Virtual Work Force) author Diana Ransom  says: “Thanks to improved technology and the high price of gasoline, working remotely has become an increasingly popular—and less expensive —option for both large and small work forces.” She also shares how to tackle the “…challenges of managing a remote work force” with several well thought out strategies for small businesses.  But one very important element that the author ignores is HR’s role in this quickly developing trend.

Essentially the policies, processes and programs for the virtual worker are no different from those for the on-site worker. The virtual worker’s career follows the same trajectory: selection, assessment, performance measurement, development, coaching, succession or outplacement. These systems and methodologies belong to HR for on-site workers and should belong to HR for virtual workers as well. 
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