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The Best Defense is a Sound Policy


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expert perspective telescopeExpert Perspective by Grahall.

An article published on May 8, 2009 in titled “Outcry on Exec Pay May Spur Rise In Whistle-Blower Suits” discusses two recent suits brought by former employees of McDonalds and Citizens Republic Bancorp, each alleging that they were fired for questioning the executive compensation practices of those companies.  Grahall finds it particularly noteworthy that McDonald’s, a high profile Fortune 500 company, finds itself in this situation.  It is more likely to see this kind of behavior in a small company with an “imperial CEO”.
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Outcry on Exec Pay May Spur Rise In Whistle-Blower Suits


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Published in Workforce. com, May 8, 2009.

As public outrage over executive compensation intensifies, experts believe there will be an increase in whistle-blower lawsuits filed by employees alleging they were fired for opposing their executives’ compensation packages.

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