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The Hurd Locker Revisited


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Expert Perspective by Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board
AP technology writers Jordan Robertson and Rachel Metz, penned an article on August 7, 2010 (Disgraced HP CEO to get about $28m in cash, stock) about Mark Hurd, the once acclaimed CEO of HP who while negotiating a $100 million three year contract with HP proved to be much less ‘smarter than the average bear’ by falsifying “… expense reports and other documents to conceal a relationship with a contractor.” It is hard to imagine that a company with a squeaky clean image like HP would tolerate such a blatant dishonesty, even if the guy may be worth upwards of $10 billion in market value to the company. (HP’s franchise value of about $100 billion, as measured by market capitalization, dropped 10% on the news of Hurd’s abrupt departure.  According to the article “HP’s shares, which closed Friday on the New York Stock Exchange at $46.30, tumbled 9.7 percent after hours to $41.85 as investors reacted to the news released after the close of markets.” The stock price has not recovered as of August 10, 2010.)
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