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Grahall Announces the Initiation of its 2013 People Strategy Survey


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Behind every successful business strategy are effectively aligned People and Human Capital practices. However, few efforts have been made to connect People Strategy to business success. The Grahall People Strategy Survey is a ground breaking research effort that will set in motion the exploration of the connection between people strategy and business success.  The data will provide key insights into how to better align the structure and practices of key human capital programs to business strategy; thus helping Chief Human Resources Officers claim their seat at the Executive Table.

Our report will provide benchmarking data you can use to compare your practices to organizations of your own size and industry as well as expert analysis for gaining insights into which practices are best suited to your unique set of circumstances.  Other benefits include:

  • Deep insight into your organization’s Human Capital practices
  • The ability to evaluate the competitiveness and effectiveness of your current programs
  • Enhanced understanding of how your Human Capital programs impact your organization’s performance

If you are interested in participating in the survey please contact Judy Newman at or click here.


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