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When the going gets tough… keep the best from going


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Expert Perspective by Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board

In his may 25th article (More Workers Start to Quit) for the Wall Street Journal, author Joe Light writes: “As the job market begins to loosen up, human-resource managers might increasingly be surprised by an announcement from employees they haven’t heard in a while: ‘I quit.’ … And recent sentiment indicates that the number of employees quitting could continue to grow in the coming months.” This article makes a very good case for a fundamental Grahall principle: that identifying critical workforce segments – those roles and jobs that contribute more than others to an organization’s overall success – is key to effective people strategy.

Companies who are more proactive in that regard will find that turnover will continue , but more than likely if the rewards programs favor those who are critical to organizational success, those vital individuals will remain. So how does a company go about protecting their most critical human resources?
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