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Our Notions on Investing – Getting a Little Banged Up?


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Expert Perspective by Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board
Graham Browley writes in his August 21, 2010 article for the New York Times
(In Striking Shift, Small Investors Flee Stock Market) that  “The notion that stocks tend to be safe and profitable investments over time seems to have been dented in much the same way that a decline in home values and in job stability the last few years has altered Americans’ sense of financial security.” 

This recession has been unusually deep, with unemployment remaining stubbornly high as companies lay off workers and jobs move overseas to cheaper labor markets.  It’s not your “grandmother’s recession” (of the 1960s) or even your “mother’s recession” (of the 1980’s) for that matter.   In this one, the marked difference is that, from the late 1980s on, more and more Americans became investors in the stock market through their 401(k) plans. 
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