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To Get the Right Person for the Job, Recruit the Right Way


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Expert Perspective from Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board
With American workers changing jobs and companies many times over in the course of their working lives, recruiting is a mission critical job for every company.   It may seem that in these days of widespread unemployment recruiting is as simple as hanging out the help wanted sign.  But the truth is that with many people out of work the job of identifying and hiring the best and the right person for a job can be more, not less challenging.   Many ccompanies find that posting open positions can bring hundreds of resumes and wading through these can be both time consuming and fraught with challenges.  Additionally, there is no guarantee that the perfect candidate can be found in that mountain of paper.

So with recruiting becoming more and more important and with significant associated cost of employee turnover and replacement, what can a company do to effectively manage this process?
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