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Enhance Executive Retirement Income without Adding Risk


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Bob Birdsell shows you how by coupling the power of leverage with competitive growth, an exit strategy, and tax advantages you may improve overall yield on an executive’s account by as much as 30% to 40%.

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Executives Enjoy ‘Sure Thing’ Retirement Plans


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Published in Wall Street Journal December 15, 2009by Ellen E. Schultz and Tom McGinty
Jacqueline D’Andrea last year lost more than 60% of the 401(k) savings she built over a decade as a Wal-Mart Stores Inc. manager, she says. The 1.2 million employees in the retailer’s 401(k) retirement plan lost 18% as the market plunged, corporate filings show.

Top executives at Wal-Mart didn’t face such risks. Thanks to a guaranteed 6.6% return, Chief Executive Officer H. Lee Scott Jr. had gains of $2.3 million in a supplemental retirement-savings plan, bringing its total savings to $46.7 million. “We’re proud of the benefits we offer to our hourly associates” which include bonuses, 401(k) and profit sharing contributions, and merchandise discounts,” said a Wal-Mart spokesman, who confirmed the plans’ figures.

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