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It’s Not Hurd on the Street Any Longer


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Expert Perspective By Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board

Not surprisingly, plenty of media attention was focused on the fact that Mark Hurd, once CEO of H-P, didn’t last long in the unemployment line.  Hurd has landed himself a new position as Co-President of Oracle, sharing the job with Safra Catz and reporting to CEO Larry Ellison.   Three articles published in the Wall Street Journal on this subject particularly caught the attention of the Grahall Editorial Board.  Ben Worthen and Joann S. Lublin write (in their article At Oracle, Hurd Lands in Rare Situation: Having a Boss for First Time in Years Means the Former Hewlett-Packard Chief’s Relationship With CEO Ellison is Crucial): “How Messrs. Hurd and Ellison click is crucial as Oracle tries to expand beyond its core business of selling software and takes on tech conglomerates… in hardware…. So far, the outlook appears positive, said people who have worked with the executives. Messrs. Hurd and Ellison are friends. And while the two have very different management styles, those styles seem compatible, said these people.”

That’s good, since cooperation at the top of the food chain in any organization is critical for the company to quickly and effectively embrace opportunities and resolve issues.  In fact, some companies find that cooperation and coordination in these roles is so important that the CEO and President are in fact the same person.  For companies who separate these roles, the President position is often looked at as a grooming spot for the future CEO. 
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