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Dodd Frank – Do You Know What You Need to Know?


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Expert Perspective from Grahall’s Garry Rogers
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is aimed dead center at the heart of the financial services industry and contains substantial changes regarding the determination and reporting of executive pay and corporate governance.   These changes will impact all public filers.
Over the next few weeks we will highlight some of the more interesting, unusual and controversial issues in the legislation.  For example, “Say-on-Pay” is now mandatory for all public filers.  Changes are effective on January 21, 2011 (6 months from the date the Act was signed).  Did you know that Dodd-Frank will require that institutional investment managers be required to report no less than annually how they voted on the Say On Pay proposal, even though, starting in 2011, shareholders at most public companies will determine whether the advisory vote is to occur annually, biennially, or triennially. 
For a fuller discussion of Dodd-Frank’s new rules with respect to pay and governance read Grahall’s Regulatory Client Advisory DODD-FRANK FINANCIAL REFORM LAW CONTAINS SIGNIFICANT COMPENSATION CHANGES POTENTIALLY AFFECTING ALL PUBLIC FILERS.
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Dodd-Frank: First Impressions


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Expert Perspective by Grahall’s Garry Rogers

Daniel J. Ryterband prepared a good summary of the compensation and corporate governance implications of the Dodd-Frank bill in his July 16, 2010 article Dodd-Frank: What It Means for Comp and Governance published in’s Business Exchange.

Ryterband says: “The Dodd-Frank law will affect executive compensation and corporate governance starting in 2011 with the “say on pay” provision. Other elements will come into play as the SEC issues new regulations.”

Until the new regulations are issued by the SEC, it is difficult to predict how broad an impact the changes will have, but this fact is telling – the SEC has plans to add 800 additional staff on top of the 375 it had already requested for the coming year. Together, this would represent a 25% increase in staff size to 5,000 employees, up from the current 3,800. 
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