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Competent to the Core


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Expert Perspective by Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board

We were saddened to read the foot note at the end of the column “Why Is It So Hard to Tackle the Obvious?” from the Harvard Business review published in Bloomberg’s Business Exchange, that author C.K. Prahalad had passed away.  (Click here to read his obituary from the Washington Post). Prahalad was one of the most accessible theorists of business strategy and, along with co-author Gary Hamel, was the first to coin the now ubiquitous term “core competencies,” which encouraged companies to view organizations as a whole rather than simply by products or services.

In the article mentioned above, Pralahad writes: “Companies should stop looking at threats and opportunities through the lens of the dominant logic. Instead, the moment they spot signs of change, executives must decide what they can preserve—and what they must discard—in the dominant logic as they prepare to transform the organization.”

Grahall’s Joe Davidson points to health care insurers as examples of organizations that have known for months, if not years, that transformational change would be required of them.  But many of these companies failed to initiate change even though they were aware that it was coming.  Company leadership might be shocked at the changes demanded by health care reform legislation but they certainly cannot say they are surprised. Insurers are facing unprecedented transformation — both immediate and long term.
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