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Advisory Solutions

Today’s workforce has dramatically changed and will continue to evolve as a large portion of the workforce moves into retirement and new generations with different needs and desires takes over. An organization’s success hinges on selecting and retaining an effective and motivated workforce to achieve desired business goals and objectives.

Our approach to employee total rewards strategy helps organizations ensure maximum return on rewards investments by focusing on the design and integration of rewards components that motivate appropriate behaviors and attitudes by taking a surgical approach to allocating rewards resources to areas that add the most value to the organization.

Grahall consults with senior executives and human resource management professionals to design and implement fully integrated rewards programs that are strategically linked to their organization’s people and business strategies.

Employee total rewards strategy services include:

  • Rewards philosophy linked to strategic people initiatives
  • Planning for the development and implementation of the Total Rewards Strategy
  • Design of effective cash and equity compensation programs
  • Individual team and organizational performance incentive design
  • Competitive assessment of rewards
  • Salary management programs
  • Compliance assistance

Grahall Tools

Title Price
Creating a Total Rewards Strategy: A Toolkit for Designing Business-Based Plans Amazon
Articles and White Papers on Total Rewards Free
Book of Interview Guides $10
Case Studies on Total Rewards Strategy Free
Total Rewards Alignment Study Report 1: Summary of Key Findings Free
Total Rewards Alignment Study Report 2: Key Findings and Full Study Results $250

Grahall Solutions

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Advanced Analytical Diagnostic of Compensation – Call for Assistance Free
Grahall Consulting Partner Advice – Find Consultant Free