Board Effectiveness Diagnostic tool

The Grahall Board Effectiveness Diagnostic Tool

The Grahall Board Effectiveness survey was designed to be taken on-line by directors individually. To ensure honest and forthright participation, all director responses are kept in strictest confidence. Grahall evaluates internal Board Effectiveness of the Company’s Board of Directors in its capacity as the Company’s independent third party advisor.

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11 Dimensions

The Grahall Survey currently assesses Board Effectiveness across 11 dimensions:

  • Dimension 1: Board Authority and Role (Performance Assessment and Strategic Planning) (10 questions)
  • Dimension 2: Board Size, Composition and Independence (5 questions)
  • Dimension 3: Director Expectation, Information and Development (5 questions)
  • Dimension 4: Board Leadership, Teamwork and Management Relations (8 questions)
  • Dimension 5: Board (and Committee) Meetings and Information (14 questions)
  • Dimension 6: Director and Board Evaluation, Compensation and Ownership (8 questions)
  • Dimension 7: Management Evaluation, Compensation and Ownership (6 questions)
  • Dimension 8: Succession Planning (3 questions)
  • Dimension 9: Ethics/Compliance/Constituencies (6 questions)
  • Dimension 10: Management/Board Relations (7 questions)
  • Dimension 11: Director Satisfaction and Compensation (3 questions)

Retrieving Your Scores

Once all Board members have entered their response, please contact to receive your score and discuss how it compares to other organizations.  Scores are on a weighted average basis (weighted by number of directors).