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By Board Need

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Advisory Solutions

Grahall’s approach to evaluating and designing Board Pay focuses on pay for role and contribution rather than a strictly market-based approach. Our consultants understand different roles that Boards provide to today’s corporate success and provide effective reviews and pay recommendations to ensure Boards are appropriately rewarded for their contribution’s to the organization’s success.

Board of Directors Total Rewards Strategy Services include:

  • Design of retainers, meeting fees and performance compensation
  • Board and committee chair compensation
  • Lead director compensation
  • Board member compensation
  • Committee member compensation
  • Competitive assessment analysis of rewards

Grahall Calculators

Title Price
Grahall Board Of Director Rewards Calculator Free

Grahall Tools

Title Price
Grahall Director Blogs – 2009 Expert Perspectives $10
Case Study Board of Directors Effectiveness Review $10
Case Study Review of Rewards for Outside Directors $10
Case Study NACD Board of Directors Pay Best Practices $10
Presentation Board of Directors Contribution and Compensation Relationship Free
Presentation Review of Board of Directors Governance and Pay Free
Presentation Rewards for Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors Free
Conceptual Tool – Board Linkage to Business Strategy $10
Book of Interview Guides $10
Effective Executive Compensation Chapter 17 Board of Directors Compensation $10
Grahall Board of Directrors Contribution Index (gBOD CI) $250
Grahall Board of Directors People Strategy Index (gBOD-PSI) $250
Grahall Board of Directors Effectiveness Assessor $250
Grahall Board of Directors Compensation Review Process Tool Diagram (ppt) $250
Grahall Board of Directors Compensation Process Tool Excel Spreadsheet (excel) $250
Board of Directors 2009 Research Series Report 1 of 3: Key Findings Free
Board of Directors 2009 Research Series Report 2 of 3: Study Findings $250
Board of Directors 2009 Research Series Report 3 of 3: Study Findings & Grahall Insights $1,000

Grahall Solutions

Title Price
Basic Analytical Diagnostic of Board Compensation Example Report – Call and Order Free
Basic Analytical Diagnostic of Compensation – Call and Order Free
Advanced Analytical Diagnostic of Compensation and Governance – Call for Assistance Free
Grahall Consulting Partner Advice – Find Consultant Free