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T HE W AGE G AP :     Women Get 77 cents for Their $1.00 Worth of Work That’s 98 extra days of work for a woman to be paid on par with a man. A re women paid less than men? The answer to that question is Yes! Ok, ok there are a very few exceptions which I will get to in a moment. Do our elected officials in Washington DC care? Apparently not enough of them do. On April 8, 2014 the Paycheck Fairness Act was again introduced into the senate, and once again it did not garner the necessary 60 votes needed for Michael Dennis Graham debate. Sure this might just be another example of political manipulation and game playing with the Democrats hoping to appeal to women voters and Republicans claiming that this is just another way to ensure the richness of paychecks for litigators. THEEXCHANGEFORPEOPLESTRATEGYAPRIL 2014 15