HR News Quotes Grahall: Reward Programs Lack Strategic Focus


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grahall in the news #2HR News shares information on Grahall’s recent groundbreaking study of Total Rewards Strategic Alignmen.  Link to article.

In a time when businesses MUST pay close atttention to their financials to ensure that they are maximizing sales and revenue and reducing operating expenses, attention must be paid to ensuring that their is adequate return on investment on payroll expenses.  There are many ways to accomplish this, which include development of specific competency sets, targeted talent acquisition, productivity and performance management programs, and compensation/reward plans that are targeted to reward attainment of performance metrics. 

Contradictory to this, a recent Total Rewards Strategy Alignment Study by the Grahall Research Institute shows that more often than not, rewards programs are not tied to business objectives.

Link to HR News article.

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