eMediaWire Quotes Grahall on Compensation Practices in the Hedge Fund Industry


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grahall in the news #2A Unique Survey of Compensation Practices in the Hedge Fund Industry 

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 After a tumultuous year for the Hedge Fund industry in 2008, the industry faces unprecedented challenges, the impact from which will reverberate through 2009 and beyond. These challenges will be met by management companies making changes to business strategies as well as addressing issues on how to structure compensation and attract and retain talent.  A key question to consider when an employee with vested equity departs from a management company is how the circumstances giving rise to his departure, as well as his compliance with any restrictive covenants after the departure, will affect the calculation of his buy-out.  

Grahall Partners, LLC recently released to participants the results of the 2009 Survey of Hedge Fund Compensation Practices. The survey was developed in collaboration with Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, P.C. and UBS Prime Brokerage Services.

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