How It Works

How It Works

Grahall Workforce Solutions is more than a staffing or consulting firm. It is an experience designed by Rewards Professionals for Rewards Professionals. Our goal is to revolutionize the human resource consulting, staffing, and job search industry by sharing a wealth of information through the core aspects of people, processes, and technology. To maximize your results, work closely with your advisor so he or she can help you find the right candidate. At Grahall, you can always expect to receive:

Read the steps below for an overview of your service level.

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Level 1: Post A Job

Grahall provides a jobs board for employers seeking candidates.  Candidates search the jobs board for a listing of local and national human resources positions.  Whether you need help screening candidates and want to use our Premium Match Service (see below) or you choose to screen candidates yourself, the Grahall jobs board is the right place to start looking for qualified and experienced human resources talent. 

Level 2: Use the Premium Matching Service

  • Create Your Organization Profile – Submit your organizations basic information and position requirements and then tell us what type of employee you need. This is the basic level of membership costs $350 per year.
  • Interview with Grahall – Once a Grahall Consultant receives your organization’s profile he or she will call you directly to conduct a brief interview. Use the opportunity to convey the most pertinent facts about your organizations needs and objectives.
  • Create Your Organization’s Portfolio – Complete the Grahall Advanced Placement System questionnaires to develop your organizations portfolio.
  • Get Matched – With your detailed portfolio, you will be introduced only to candidates that are a good match for your open position and organization. This advanced level of service costs $1,000 per placement.
  • Hire Employee – You will receive ongoing support from Grahall after you hire your new employee. You will receive access to training, blogs, and other updates to make you and your new employee successful.

Level 3: Find an Executive Recruiter

  • Create Your Organization’s ‘mini’ Needs Profile – Submit the basic information about what type of position you need filled, as well as your full contact information.
  • Be Introduced to the Grahall Recruiter – Once a senior executive search partner receives your organization’s profile, you be will contacted within 2 business days to schedule an in-depth telephone meeting. This provides the opportunity for you to convey to Grahall the specific details of your requirements. You will be provided with the key information, such as process, timing and cost, to help you make your decision. Please remember one thing…your satisfaction in guaranteed!
  • You are in Full Control – At this point, you can begin the additional steps to move forward or decline to go further. Regardless of your decision, please know that discretion and confidentiality are of primary concern every step of the way.

Level 4: Find a Grahall Consultant

As a complimentary client service, Grahall helps your organization select experienced Grahall Consultants.

  • Determine Selection Criteria – Determine which selection criteria are most important. We sort our Consultants by their knowledge and experience in our four practices (Position level, industry, organization stage and event)
  • Sort the Grahall Consultants – Sort the Consultants by your criteria and review their resumes.
  • Interview the Consultants – Interview the Consultants over the phone or by webcam.
  • Make a Selection and Start Getting Advise – With you doing the selection you will be sure that the Consultant will fulfill your organization’s needs.