Success Stories

Success Stories

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A Graduate’s Story

“I wish I had a more interesting story to tell, but mine is very similar to many of my friends graduating this year. I worked hard (had a little fun) but graduated into a bad economy where there are limited positions for paid interns and even fewer for entry level job seekers because of pay freezes and the like.

Fortunately, my friend’s father recommended Grahall to me as a place that is looking for interns and recent graduates. Even if I don’t become an HR professional, they have training programs and career pathing assistance that will put me on the right track, whether its general business, finance, or human resources. At least this way, I can apply for my MBA with a few years of experience under my belt.

Although Grahall may not be place where I end up spending the majority of my career, it is a place to learn, grow, and earn a living in the meantime. After my first two assignments, they liked me enough to let me do research for the upcoming research reports. I had no idea there was so much to it. I learned the basics of reading an annual report, proxy, and some basic principles of board and executive compensation. I’m hoping to learn the basics of setting pay for employees on my next assignment.

Lastly, I’d encourage other graduates to give Grahall a try. It’s not always fun and can be challenging at times, but when I look at what I’ve learned compared to some of my friends in similar positions, I’m learning more than just the basics. I understand what I’m doing and know it will help me in the future.”

A Mom’s Story

“I worked full time for many years, but with the birth of my second child, I decided to stay home. It’s been great being able to be involved in the lives of my children but I also miss the stimulation of being with other adults, of having a career, and of course, the money wouldn’t hurt either. For the past three weeks, I’ve been looking for a part-time position; however, most open positions require full-time employees who can work 8-10 hours a day, but for me, this means finding daycare for my children 9-11 hours a day.

Fortunately, I came across the Grahall Advanced Placement System. At first, I was intrigued that it is for the exclusive use of HR professionals and the companies that want to hire us. In researching Grahall further, I was even more impressed by the opportunities they have . For example, they have blogs on total rewards strategy issues, a store with total reward survey results and their own online training programs, not to mention career pathing assistance through Workforce Solutions. What a great place to enhance my skills.

I’ve now filled out the profile questionnaire and have been approached by Grahall about working a 3-month assignment for a client implementing a new total rewards strategy. I’ve done this for years! The pay is great, and best yet, I can work from home on my own terms. This means I can drop the kids off in the morning and then come home, get on line by 9, and work until I’m satisfied with the progress I’ve made for the day — hopefully just in time to pick the kids up before day care closes at 6. I may even get some time in to go to the gym a few days a week. I can’t wait to start!”

A Seasoned Professional’s Story

I’ve been in the HR business for more than 25 years and was unable to advance further in my career without changing employers. The consultants at Grahall understood my level of experience, preferred culture and work style, and preferences in managing my staff. I wanted to end my career on a high and turned to Grahall for the connections I needed to find the right situation.

The end result? Grahall was able to locate a few employers within my industry that needed new leadership, one of which was an ideal match for me. Although they are a solid company, their rewards programs were out of date and misaligned with their business strategy. While the transition has not come without challenges, I feel fortunate that Grahall has been not only been there to facilitate my entry into the company but has provided continued support with rewards consulting and periodic placements of senior and junior analysts.

Perhaps the greatest compliment I can give to Michael and his colleagues is that they represented me, my interests, and my company’s interests impartially and with a perspective rarely seen in business today. You may not always like what they have to say, but their methodologies reveal an insight that goes far beyond that of traditional placement and consulting agencies.

A Retiree’s Story

“I’ve looked forward to retirement for a long time, so much so that I had planned to do it pretty well. My wife and I have already become snowbirds and are adjusting to life after retirement. That being said, I loved the work I was doing before retirement, and between having a regular schedule and some extra money, it would be nice not to give it up “cold turkey.” Building pay strategies and succession plans was both challenging and invigorating. I really don’t want to stop but I have made my plans.

Well, thanks to my daughter, I may not have to. She found Grahall, a company focused on total rewards strategy consulting and anything that goes with it. They have an online training division that has piqued my curiosity, and better yet, they have Workforce Solutions.

Workforce Solutions finds ways for people like me to do project or contract work for employers who need my specialized training but not for a long-term role. By bringing me in, they can benefit from my expertise and not deal with the question of what to do with me once the work is done. Consultants can’t really do the nitty gritty work of implementing rewards strategies or succession plans at the right price point and no one wants to hire a full time person for a 6 month project so this is a perfect fit for me.

Who ever thought retirement would be so much fun! Winters in Florida, extra income when I have the extra time or need it. It’s really the best of both worlds.

A Small Business Story

When I opened up for business a few years ago, I thought HR functions would be pretty simple, but as the business began to grow, it became clear that I needed help with payroll and benefits administration so I could spend my time making business decisions and managing the staff. It was definitely time to bring in an HR generalist.

I tried to fill the position by placing an online ad but was flooded with candidates who didn’t fit my needs or my budget. Fortunately, the folks at Grahall not only helped me fill the position with a temporary to help me get by in the meantime, but ultimately found a working Mom to fill a permanent part-time HR generalist function for me. She’s happy with the flexible hours and I’m happy with the quality of her work. It couldn’t have worked out better.

Not only did I find the right fit, but because Grahall has a staffing firm, consulting firm, and regulatory unit, I have access to accounting and compliance information when I need it. I’m also able to get advice on my rewards programs from time to time . We aren’t big enough for a total rewards strategy or anything like that, but I know how much my plans cost, how they work, and what they’re supposed to do. That gives me the confidence and time I need to run my business.

A Corporation’s Story

I had been a client of Michael Graham for many years prior to the creation of Grahall Partners. I can’t say enough about how much he has contributed to my working knowledge of rewards programs and their linkage to business strategy over the years. Because I believe in Michael’s methodologies and the quality of his work, I was pleased to give one of his analysts a try when we needed to help with a three month executive compensation redesign project.

Not only was the analyst more than qualified for the assignment in terms of the knowledge and skills, but she was also well versed in total rewards strategy and the decision making that goes behind it. Where we needed guidance with specific issues or circumstances, we could rely on the consultants who supported the analyst on the job for insights that we otherwise would have paid for as a separate engagement.

As a senior professional who’s been in the business for many years, I would highly recommend Grahall as a source for temporary or permanent staff. They are well trained, supported by a network of consultants, as opposed to recruiters, and seem to enjoy the work while others balk at their responsibilities. I would recommend Grahall to any corporation or business with HR staffing needs.

A Hedge Fund Manager’s Story

Working in the investment market has always produced a thrill for me. Being in a business with others who share this passion has been exciting. What is not exciting is dealing with the tactical aspects of running a business. We’ve gotten a lot automated through our relationship with various IT professionals but a live person still needs to be available to make sure it all works.

I’ve been working with Grahall since the beginning to create strategies for compensating my best producers and providing incentives to new managers. Michael Graham has become one of my most trusted business advisors. I don’t know why it took me so long to ask for his advice on this one. Once I did, I was surprised to learn that Grahall offers a flexible array of solutions for its clients through its Workforce Solutions business unit.

After clarifying my needs, Michael set me up with a consultant who provided me with two candidates right off the bat to handle the day to day. I ended up hiring both of them and couldn’t be happier with my decision. Given the hours we work, the nature of our business and the hours they were available, I now actually have a live person available 24/7 to help our employees deal with a variety of issues.
These two individuals are also highly trained rewards professionals. They have also become instrumental in keeping me up to date on trends in the industry. Not only that but they can work with Grahall to make sure the research materials I depend on are kept current. Now the only nights I lose sleep are due to my trading action (or a late night ball game.)

An Association’s Story

As the president of the local chapter of a national association, I strive to have membership grow every year and members grow professionally through our programs. With this economy, my focus has shifted to connecting members so we can move people through transitions quickly. Although I am happy to make the connections, I have been struggling with how to balance it all. Thanks to one of my members, I met a Grahall consultant who introduced me to the Grahall suite of services.

The consultants at Grahall have been quick to offer our association speakers for our meetings and access to their on-line training and informational services. Our members are raving about how easy it is to increase the scope of their education on line and at their own pace. The Grahall partnership has added a value to their careers that we were unable to add on our own.

By posting ads for the Grahall jobs board in our newsletters, we have also been able to provide our members with opportunities for work more quickly. In turn, when our members say they learned about work through us, they are creating a buzz that’s fueling our growth. Our last meeting had three guests who were invited to come during interviews with our members.
We’ve also been finding that our members are becoming more actively involved in our programs. It seems they get so excited about what they are learning that they want to come out and talk to others about it.

Finally, we’ve just outgrown our usual meeting place. Our long-term members may not be happy about this but we need to find a new place to meet. I’m even thinking we may want to split our chapter in two. I am enjoying the struggle of how to manage our growth much more than the struggle of how to balance everything. Whoever is elected to replace me next year is going to be walking into a very different role than I did.

I’ve also started using Grahall’s services in my own business. There have been areas I have wanted to explore in compensation and benefits that I have been able to explore with the help of Grahall consultants. I am so happy I’ve discovered them and would recommend partnering with them to any association that wants to grow.