Service Levels

Candidate Service Level Comparison

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Service Level Search Jobs on the Jobs Board Use the Premium
Matching Service
Contact a Grahall Recruiter Become a Grahall Consulting Partner
Description Search for and apply for HR jobs posted on our jobs board Create an extensive portfolio and receive a personal introduction to Grahall clients that match your characteristics Let a Grahall recruiter find the permanent, temporary, or contract assignment you’ve been looking for Perform actual client work for Grahall Consulting Partners
Cost Free! $200
Earn $10 – $100 / hr $150 – $500 / hr
Get Started Search for Free Purchase Apply Apply
Learn how it works How it Works How it Works How it Works How it Works
Search Jobs
Basic Profile
Candidate Portfolio (diagnostic battery, etc.)
Access to Grahall Employers
Use of Grahall Advanced Placement System
Part-time positions
Full-time positions
Contract positions
Flex time positions
Temporary positions
Resume assistance
Career pathing assistance
Introduction to Employer
Access to local recruiters
Access to national recruiters