Career Pathing Guidance

Career Pathing Guidance

Sometimes known as “analyst to consultant,” our career pathing system is designed to help you climb the career ladder.  We will help you find part-time or full-time assignments that utilize and build your skillset.  We expect 10% of candidates to become Rewards Temps, and we expect 1% to become Grahall Consulting Partners.  Let us help you break through the barrier to entry by nurturing your career.

Grahall advisors will help you with your career planning needs.  We begin the career planning process with a comprehensive interview which allows us to examine your personal and professional needs.  Our experienced consultants will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, get the training you need, and place you in jobs that build your skillset to keep your career on track. We provide the right tools, knowledge, and support to help you achieve your potential.

Our team of professional advisors help you determine the best strategies for you by:

  • Defining Your Objectives: Our consultants will meet with you to help you define objectives that are clear and realistic.
  • Assessing Your Skills: You will then be given a series of interviews and assessments to determine your strengths and weaknesses as an HR professional.
  • Offering the Training You Need: Based on your objectives and assessments, we will help you gain access
  • Placing You Strategically: We will place you in jobs that incrementally increase your personal skills, professional skills, and business acumen. We succeed if you succeed, so we want you to go as far as you can.

Contact us today and let us help you define a career strategy that is clear and realistic. Together we can help you achieve your long, overdue dream of a finding a job that is challenging and exciting.