The Winners & Losers of Healthcare Reform—a Preliminary View by Steve Karp


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Expert Perspective: Health Care Reform

Since late March of this year when the Health Care reform bill because law Americans have been wondering just who will be the winners and who will be the losers from this “sweeping piece of social legislation.” (Time Magazine, March 23, 2010).  In his recent article for Heath Care Reform Magazine The Winners & Losers of Healthcare Reform Steve Karp begins to help us understand the answer to this question.   Read Steve’s article  to find out where you and me along with American businesses, politicians, and the health care industry fall in the “win and lose” columns.

About The Author:  Stephen Karp, President of Karp Solutions

Stephen’s quarter century of business experience enables him to provide clients with a unique marriage between finance and human resources. As a corporate human resources and finance executive, salesperson, consultant, and employee benefits expert, Stephen has delivered proven results for emerging companies and clients, both large and small.

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