Filling the Short Term HR Gap (aka – It’s about Leadership, Stupid!)


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expert perspective telescopeExpert Perspective by Grahall’s Connie Vogt

In the article “Employees Spending More Time Worrying About Job Security” published by SHRM on March 13, 2009 ,  Theresa Minton-Eversole of SHRM addresses the fact that “With the constant barrage of media attention focused on the economy and the escalating unemployment rates, its no wonder employees – at all levels – are concerned about their careers and their future employment prospects.”

Grahall Commentary:

At a time when employees desperately need guidance and reassurance from their leadership team, it seems they’ve all gone missing (or at least hidden behind closed doors).  To the employee, this signals more bad news is on the horizon and so the informal communications network starts humming about the “what ifs” and productivity takes a nose dive.  To the executive, the closed-door meetings are a necessity to concentrate on solving the crisis quickly.

So, what is (or should be happening) on both sides of the closed door?  Companies looking to balance expenses with shrinking revenues often look first to right-size their organizations and reduce “people costs”.  And, they often start with internal support resources and operations first, making the very people needed to solve the issues feel even more insecure about their futures.  Employees want to understand what their employer is doing to stabilize the company and what they can do to help.  Communication and employee interaction are key.

In the past few years, Human Resources professionals have made great strides in being recognized as strategic business partners.  So, when the going gets tough, it is even more important to bring the experts to the table when deciding on a course of action and how to communicate with employees.  From process re-engineering, to creating cost effective compensation, benefits or rewards programs, to communicating the messages, Rewards Temps are ready, willing, able and flexible.  Let us help you by temporarily augmenting your HR staff so you can get back to the business of running your business and talking with your employees.

Rewards Temps provides a reliable and flexible source of compensation, benefits and total rewards contract professionals to help our clients develop and administer effective total rewards programs, especially during peak times or transition periods.  Email Connie Vogt at

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