The Only Constant Thing is Change


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Expert Perspective by Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board

In his April 23, 2010 article Organizational Development & Change  Matt Pytosh says he finds “…Change Management to be over used and the new buzz phrase… Organization development (OD) isn’t as catchy. OD is broader and more comprehensive though, and places more value on the humanistic approach versus the economic approach of change management.”

Although we found Pytosh’s article to be a bit of an exercise in taxonomy – simply an attempt to classify various terms in hierarchical structure – we did think it was a good platform for a discussion of how companies approach change and change management.

Clearly a key organizational competency required in today’s world required of companies in every industry and geography is the ability to adroitly address change.  However, one size does not fit all – the approach a company takes to change management should be based upon the company’s business strategy and organizational structure.

We see there being at least 4 different distinct approaches a company can take to deal with change:

1) understand and react to change
2) proactively manage change
3) predict and utilize change
4) create and exploit change

Whatever the approach to change, the outcome must include an assessment of the impact of change on the company’s business strategy, followed by a review of organizational capabilities in light of change, and a realignment of talent management strategies to ensure a better long-term result.

Continually measuring the impact of change on the company’s business strategy helps companies to create an appropriate organizational reaction that might demand a change to the business strategy itself, or require fine-tuning to knowledge management, decision making, communication, talent management,  or a host of other organizational processes and protocols. 

With today’s environment changing more rapidly than ever before, it is important to have a resource of experienced consultants who can work cooperatively with an organization’s management team to identify, understand, interpret, and constructively and positively evolve the organization to not only survive change but take advantage of it.

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