The Impact of Organizational Climate on Discretionary Effort


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Expert Perspective on Discretionary Effort

Do you wonder how to attract and motivate employees who will deliver 110% of the necessary effort? Jay Wolf shares his suggestions on how to accomplish this in his paper “The Impact of Organizational Climate on Discretionary Effort“. Wolf writes: “The thing to understand is that discretionary effort is a result; a result of a positive organizational climate.”   He continues:  “Creating a positive organizational climate is the responsibility of the leader. It is the number one priority of any superior leader who is committed to achieving peak performance from his or her team.”

To find out how to create the organizational climate necessary to drive peak performance, click here to read Wolf’s article.

Jay Wolf is an Executive Coach, Leadership Development Consultant and a Partner of JCris Consulting Group. He is responsible for the procurement of new business, client relations management, performance coaching of high-potentials and senior level executives, and the facilitation of leadership development programs. Jay can be reached by email at

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