I Love My Work


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Expert Perspective on Employee Relations

As John Hammond begins his thoughtful article I Love My Work: “When we truly enjoy our work (or play) we are most likely to commit ourselves to it, extend ourselves – in terms of time and effort – to make sure we do the best we can. In a perfect business world, every organization would ensure its own success by employing those people who most enjoy doing the organization’s work. The structure of each organization would simply evolve to maximize the efficiency of its employees’ efforts.”

To learn how to help your employees feel empowered to do the work they want to do, that they are best at, while sharing a common commitment to organizational success click here: I Love My Work.

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John Hammond is a Consultant with Grahall. He is a career communication consultant/copywriter with a broad and varied writing and educational background. John has more than 20 years of experience in strategizing, writing, editing and producing customized promotional and educational tools and materials, print and online, for target and mass audiences, whether management, bargaining or non‐bargaining. 

Contact John at john.hammond@grahall.com

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