Our People Strategy

Our People Strategy

Our business strategy is our people strategy and vice versa.

We will be the place in the industry for experts in the advisory services profession consistent with our business knowledge domain.

We expect to be able to provide an organization model and people strategy (structure, processes, and culture) that optimizes the contributions and intellectual capital of individuals associated with our firm and thereby create unprecedented value for them and their clients and stakeholders.

Our business and people strategy models are designed to attract the top decile consultants and top percentile consulting partners. We expect individuals to come to Grahall when it makes sense for them and for the organization, to contribute in a way that fulfills them, and to leave when the relationship no longer works for either party.

We are a virtual organization. Our infrastructure is completely outsourced. Only consultants are employees. There are no layers of non-consulting management. All of our management is decentralized to the consultant so that they can better serve their clients.

There are no non-competes in Grahall. We all share in the creation and distribution of our intellectual capital and when an individual or team wishes to strike out on their own we will do everything possible to make them and their stakeholders successful.