Total Rewards Strategy

Total Rewards Strategy

A Total Rewards Strategy is a plan for allocating all reward resources in a manner that drives the execution of an organization’s business strategy. The development of a Total Rewards Strategy, therefore, ensures that reward elements reinforce behaviors the organization values in a manner that energizes executives and employees in a way that ties rewards to organization results through individual, team, and organization performance.

Grahall’s Total Rewards Strategy services include, but are not limited to:

Investors Review of Organization Rewards

Grahall’s approach to evaluating the alignment of an organization’s reward program with its business strategy focuses on Directors and executive rewards.

Proprietary research by the Grahall Research Institute provides the most comprehensive insights into the relationship between organization rewards, performance, and shareholder returns in the marketplace today.
Investor reviews of organization rewards include a measure of the degree of alignment with business strategy including the following elements of compensation:

  • Board of Directors compensation
  • Executive compensation

Board of Directors Total Rewards

Grahall’s approach to evaluating and designing Board Pay focuses on pay for role and contribution rather than a strictly market-based approach. Our consultants understand different roles that Boards provide to today’s corporate success and provide effective reviews and pay recommendations to ensure Boards are appropriately rewarded for their contribution’s to the organization’s success.

Board of Directors Total Rewards Strategy Services include:

  • Design of retainers, meeting fees and performance compensation
  • Board and committee chair compensation
  • Lead director compensation
  • Board member compensation
  • Committee member compensation
  • Competitive assessment analysis of rewards

CEO & Executive Employment Agreements

Employment contracts, including non-compete, change-in-control, and severance agreements are areas that need careful attention as they have the potential of being highly impactful (great help to your organization, but they can also become a problem if not executed properly).

Grahall’s services include:

  • Determining the appropriate level and mix of rewards (salary, incentives, benefits, perquisites, etc) corresponding with an executive’s responsibilities and experience.
  • Establishing special rewards programs for executives in transition during mergers, acquisitions, takeovers, and other change-of-control activities.
  • Clearly stating the specifics of the employee’s responsibilities, performance expectations, and grounds for termination.
  • Defining the limitations on the executive’s ability to compete with your business once the employee leaves as well as protecting your trade secrets and client lists.
  • Defining the most effective method for resolving disputes.

Executive Total Rewards

Grahall is a longtime pioneer in transforming executive compensation into performance driven tools to increase shareholder and organizational value. For over 20 years, our partners have served clients as independent, outside counsel to Compensation Committees and senior management.

Executive total rewards strategy services include reviews and recommendations on:

  • Base Salary Administration
  • Total Rewards Strategy, architecture, and program design
  • Design of short, mid-term, long-term, and career incentive plans including the selection and calibration of
  • Performance measures
  • Market competitive analysis
  • Labor market compensation maps
  • Design and negotiation of employment contracts, severance agreements and change-in-control arrangements
  • Benefits and perquisites, including non-qualified retirement plans
  • Stock Ownership guidelines
  • “Tally sheets” and wealth creation analysis
  • “Walk away” analysis
  • Planning for the development and implementation of the Executive Total Rewards Strategy
  • Legal compliance and plan documentation and disclosure requirements

Sales Compensation

We apply both qualitative and quantitative analysis to uncover and clarify pay-related issues that limit sales productivity. In coordination with your cross-functional Design Team, we develop solution alternatives to address the issues, thoroughly model and test each alternative prior to helping to execute a high-impact, new program launch.

Sales Compensation Services include:

Sales Compensation Assessment, Design and Implementation Project

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Assessment Findings and Preliminary Recommendations
  • Design alternatives, cost modeling, risk assessment and final proposal
  • Detailed implementation and execution plan

Plan Requirements and Gap Analysis

  • Sales compensation philosophy developed
  • Current state validation versus best practices

Pay and Performance Analysis

  • Pay and performance correlations
  • Pay distributions
  • Goal attainment distributions

Custom Pay Survey

  • Pay and compensation structure from peer group companies

Incumbent Impact Analysis

  • Cost modeling of moving from the current Plan to various, proposed alternatives

Employee Total Rewards

Today’s workforce has dramatically changed and will continue to evolve as a large portion of the workforce moves into retirement and new generations with different needs and desires takes over. An organization’s success hinges on selecting and retaining an effective and motivated workforce to achieve desired business goals and objectives.

Our approach to employee total rewards strategy helps organizations ensure maximum return on rewards investments by focusing on the design and integration of rewards components that motivate appropriate behaviors and attitudes by taking a surgical approach to allocating rewards resources to areas that add the most value to the organization.

Grahall consults with senior executives and human resource management professionals to design and implement fully integrated rewards programs that are strategically linked to their organization’s people and business strategies.

Employee total rewards strategy services include:

  • Rewards philosophy linked to strategic people initiatives
  • Planning for the development and implementation of the Total Rewards Strategy
  • Design of effective cash and equity compensation programs
  • Individual team and organizational performance incentive design
  • Competitive assessment of rewards
  • Salary management programs
  • Compliance assistance