Special Services

Special Sevices

Grahall’s specialized services include, but are not limited to:

Litigation/Expert Witness

Top law firms in the United States rely upon our compensation experience for expert witness testimony and litigation support. Qualified as an expert witness in federal and state courts, IRS proceedings, and arbitration, Grahall provides guidance on a range of topics including:

  • Employment agreements
  • Severance arrangements
  • Reasonableness of compensation levels
  • Valuation of stock awards and employment restrictions
  • Cash incentive arrangements
  • Expected career earnings
  • Compensation Committee process and independence of members
  • Appropriate performance measures and payouts

Automation of Sales Support Systems

Our approach to Sales Automation helps organizations ensure maximum return on systems investments by documenting processes, requirement planning and vendor selection that add the most value to technology investment.

Grahall consults with senior sales executives and human resources management professionals to design and implement fully integrated systems that are strategically linked to their people and business strategies.

These services include:

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

  • Processes, activities and roles to best support organizational objectives and future needs

Business Case Development

  • Analysis of different scenarios associated with a new process, organization or technology investment (e.g., for a technology purchase: build, buy enterprise and hosting internally, or buy on-demand)
  • End-to-end sales operations process or applicable subset (e.g., incentive compensation management)

Requirements Planning & Definition

  • Identification and prioritization of business and technical requirements
  • Requirements can include specific functions of the sales process (e.g., , producer management for insurance) and within sales operations (e.g., territory management):

Solution Selection/RFP

Evaluation and selection of new technology and/or services solution (Roles may include project management, team membership, SME participation and SPM focused):

  • RFP document
  • Requirements
  • Scorecards and criteria
  • Demonstration scenarios and criteria
  • Response analysis
  • Negotiation support
  • Implementation planning
  • Process management support

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Transaction Services

Organizations go through many stages and transactions during their lifetime. Starting with Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s), Mergers & Acquisitions (M&O), Leveraged Buyouts (LBO’s), Divestitures, Business model transitions (ESOP-S Corp-LLP-LLC and Corporation, etc.). Many of our consultants have extensive experience in assisting and facilitating these transactions. Grahall provides guidance on a range of topics including:

  • Negotiating employment agreements
  • Severance arrangements
  • Valuation of stock awards, benefit plans obligations and other liabilities
  • Cash incentive arrangements

Training on Subject Matter Expertise

Grahall trains individuals and shares our expertise in areas on subjects ranging from reward strategy to organization development to staffing and coaching. These advanced and comprehensive training programs were once available only to senior associates of major consultancies to help them serve their clients. The goal of these training programs is to transfer our knowledge to you.

We provide hands on instructional courses and training simulations for Directors, Executives, and Senior Human Resource Professionals interested in increasing their effectiveness in designing, implementing, and monitoring Human Capital programs:

  • Graduate level courses designed for seasoned professionals
  • Exclusive training previously available only to senior consultants
  • Courses designed by psychologists who understand the learning process
  • Hands on simulations to ingrain learning
  • Ongoing support following the training sessions

Mortgage Debt Consultation for Banks, Investment, Hedge Funds

At Grahall we have deep experience in the work out process of all manner of performing and/or distressed whole loan, residential and commercial mortgage debt. Our expertise ranges from valuation, modification, liquidation and other strategies related to the resolution of whole loan mortgages and REO. In addition, with sweeping changes now occurring in the securities industry we recognize it will have a serious impact on companies who are exposed to mortgage and mortgage related assets.

With more than two decades of experience in securities, securities regulation and mortgage resolution management we are capable of advising in all facets of its mortgage portfolio strategies and assist in managing the impact of the widespread and complex changes in securities regulation that will impact companies today and in the future.

We consult banks, investments and hedge funds in the valuation, acquisition, servicing, managing and disposition of performing and non- performing real estate loans. We assist in strategies to take total control of the assets; restructure and can assist in the securitization process.

We consult and advise in the:

  • Opportunity, analysis of local, state, regional market.
  • Screening, due diligence, property class, forecasting market factors.
  • Valuation, budget analysis, leasing trends/forecasts
  • Purchase, loss mitigation.
  • Management, loan administration, modification, default management, insurance.
  • Disposition, administration
  • Forced Placed Insurance

Wealth Management Strategies for Executives

In today’s financial environment executive’s requirements are as unique as the executives themselves. In-depth wealth management consultation when entering, during, and post- employment, in majority of industries. Our advice is based on a thorough understanding of the executive’s unique needs and circumstances, through a comprehensive survey/questionnaire, subsequently publish the results/analysis, then implement tangible and realistic solutions.

Consulting services include:

  • Long term investment strategy
  • Mutual fund advisory
  • Tax advantage strategies
  • Retirement strategy
  • Private investment portfolios
  • Stock option advisory
  • Private equity
  • Alternative investments
  • Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI)

Alternative (Captive) Insurance

Companies both large and small are increasingly having a difficulty finding and affording traditional insurance policies to cover specific risks and assets. As premiums increase, therefore making insurance cost prohibitive for numerous companies, leaving them vulnerable to catastrophic loss. Most companies have risks that are difficult or impossible to cover. Increasingly, traditional insurance companies are setting up their credit rating structures without considering actual loss experience, but rather, trends in the market, making it difficult for many companies to qualify for coverage.
Objective of an alternative insurance program is to:

  • Reduce cost of insurance.
  • Determine and insure gaps in existing coverage:
    • Deductibles.
    • Available, but too expensive.
    • Insure risk where no commercial coverage is available.
    • Non-traditional risks that are not traditionally insurable can be insured.
  • Financial control and windfall.
  • Enhance shareholder value.

We consult corporations to determine if a captive program is a sensible and cost effective.

We conduct:

  • Actuarial and engineering study to evaluate the risk a business has and the financial exposure of each risk. Examine historical data.
  • Feasibility study and determination of the cost of reinsurance to satisfy the risk distribution requirement.
  • Assist in the successful implementation.
  • Administration and operations.
    • Ongoing legal and accounting requirements.
    • Audited financial statements, and quarterly and annual reports.
    • Claims administration.
    • Investment of reserves.

Hedge Fund Compensation Strategies

At Grahall we recognize that reward strategies for Hedge Funds are nothing short of revolutionary.

What’s clear is that a hedge funds ability to attract the most talented portfolio managers in the industry is what leads to high levels of success. This being the case, in order for a hedge fund to succeed, its managers need to fully understand the people strategy component so that it can retain its best people while continuing to perform well enough to attract the most talented individuals in the market place.

At Grahall we have identified three major concepts that drive the success or failure for funds. In fact, we would go as far as to say that if hedge fund managers don’t understand all three concepts eventually long term success will probably elude them and their investors.

Entrepreneurial Finance and Business Strategy

Grahall understands the serious entrepreneur and the challenges faced in today’s economic environment. Our consultants provide solutions, and have created, and successfully operated a wide variety of businesses across many industries.

We offer the following consulting services:

  • Business Acquisition
  • Business Plan Development
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • Business Valuation
  • Capital Raising
  • Debt and Equity Financing
  • Introduction to Capital Sources
  • Total Reward Strategies
  • Liquidity Event Strategies (IPO, M&A, LBO, Private Equity, etc.)

Hedge Fund/Private Equity Set Up and Administration

Grahall not only offers you a broad range of services including set up of hedge fund/private equity, but we have integrated them to ensure the maximum efficiency for your fund. When dealing with hedge funds, some of a providers “standard” services are available only to a fund with more than $1 billion in assets.

We believe in providing the most extensive offering of services possible – which means we’ll provide them to you whether you have $50 million, $500 million or over $1 billion in assets.

We have started many funds over the years with great success, and also have many clients that came to
us with an existing hedge fund. Our vast knowledge of the fund industry has enabled these businesses
to grow by using our experience to their advantage. We will service your fund with precision and
passion and, if you have an existing fund, the conversion process will be seamless.

Below are some examples of the comprehensive services we will provide for you.

  • Formation of domestic Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Company including:
    • Preparation of Limited Partnership Agreement or LLC Operating Agreement;
    • Preparation and filing of Certificate of Limited Partnership or LLC Articles of Organization.
  • Organization of limited liability Company to act as General Partner or LLC Manager including:
    • Preparation and filing of Articles of Organization;
    • Preparation of LLC Operating Agreement.
  • Preparation of a hedge fund Confidential Private Placement Memorandum
  • Preparation of Subscription Documents including:
    • Subscription Agreement; and
    • Investor Questionnaire.
  • Preparation of SEC Form D to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Preparation of documentation required for notice filing in state of organization, not including
  • Preparation of documentation required for notice _ling, as requested, in additional states.
  • Liaison between your fund and Gemini in the preparation of reports in conjunction with Chief Financial Officer.
  • Coordination and distribution of monthly statements.
  • Distribution of monthly performance reports.
  • Coordination of funds internal operations and the insurance of assets.
  • Coordination of legal services, contract review, and supervision of funds operations.
  • Asset and Collateral management.
  • Liaison portfolio sales and disposition.
  • Supervision and coordination of early withdrawal request, breach analysis, and quality control.
  • Due diligence and underwriting of all investors.
  • Certification of “accreditation”.
  • Maintain Accounts Payable and pay monthly invoices
  • Reconcile & maintain bank account balances
  • Record & maintain cost basis of acquisitions
  • Record trade analysis on sales
  • Maintain schedules tracking commissions and joint ventures
  • Enter monthly accruals and review financials with fund administrator
  • Quarterly conference calls with investors.