Survey and Data Services

Grahall Survey and Data Services, LLC

Survey and Data Services provides secure, flexible, multi-faceted, scalable, and efficient survey capabilities to both Grahall and a wide range of client/users. Our client/users include sponsor companies, academia, professional associations, professional services firms, research firms, and individuals. 

We conduct surveys independently or as co-sponsors with other companies, firms and professional associations. We also design, collect data, analyze and report on results as well as work collaboratively and confidentially with our clients. 

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Survey and Data Services locates, acquires, assembles and combines available data sources to create unique expository insights into people and rewards strategy issues. Depending on the results of the survey and each client’s needs, additional support can be seamlessly integrated from other Grahall businesses.

When collaborating with clients, Survey and Data services addresses the client’s specific needs:

  • Each survey is individually tailored to the client’s unique goals.
  • We are able to provide clients with the highest-quality advice drawn from and integrated with our advanced expertise
  • Each survey engagement is led by a fully qualified and experienced, consultant who brings in-depth knowledge and proven judgment to each survey engagement we undertake.

For more information, please contact Claudia De Francisco.