Regulatory Services

Grahall Regulatory Services, LLC

Grahall’s Regulatory Advisors is staffed with attorneys, accountants and actuaries. These professionals deliver a comprehensive suite of consulting advice relating to total rewards, including guidance on potential legal, accounting, tax, actuarial and other related areas. With these valuable resources, Grahall offers focused, progressive and superior solutions to the marketplace.

For a list of specific compliance issues and regulations, visit our Knowledge Center.

We originate ideas by harnessing the wealth of Grahall’s experience and wisdom, making Grahall the preferred choice among premium providers for executives, boards, investors and regulators alike. We utilize, yet are unconstrained by traditional methods.

The mission of the Regulatory Advisors unit is to create, support, vet, and deliver innovative solutions that result in programs such as total rewards strategies, executive compensation, etc. that are tailored to each client’s needs. Our advice results in programs so sensible, supportable and successful you will be eager to adopt, implement and disclose them. Our programs are “Beyond Transparent™” as their disclosure will signal to all your key stakeholders and other interested constituencies that you have the best program producing the best possible business performance.

Grahall is founded on the premise that total rewards consulting is based on a scientific method, rather than copying the market’s “best practices”. We believe adopting cookie cutter approaches leads to middle-of-the-pack performance. . Our services challenge the status quo and reflect our deep understanding of the relationship between a company’s business, people, and rewards strategy.

Regulatory Advisors both facilitate the efficient design of our programs, and provide the “last word” on quality control of Grahall offerings to ensure that every service provided by Grahall meets our stringent firm standards. This effort assures that our programs deliver measurable positive impact to our clients.

For more information, please contact Michael Graham or R. Garret Rogers.