Business Units

Grahall Business Units

In addition to Practices and Services Grahall is organized internally around ten business units for ease of administration. These business units facilitate the delivery of services to our clients and users.

Grahall Survey and Data Services, LLC

The Survey and Data Services center engages in substantive survey projects regarding critical business, human resource, and investment issues to help clients establish, refine, and improve their business, compensation and investment practices. more »

Grahall Research Institute, LLC

The Institute conducts in-depth research in an effort to maintain a digital library of resources. These resources are available to assist clients with their research needs and to support Grahall’s regulatory, consulting, investment, staffing, training and publishing efforts with relevant market research. more »

Grahall Regulatory Services, LLC

Regulatory Services provides clients with insightful legal, accounting, tax, actuarial and similar technical services, directly to clients or in conjunction with other Grahall business units. more »

Grahall Consulting Partners, LLC

Consulting Partners provides market leading compensation and total rewards consulting services to executives, Boards of Directors, Compensation Committees, and other management. Our methodologies are targeted to better align clients’ business and people strategies with comprehensive rewards strategies through the use of advanced proprietary solutions including concepts, processes, diagnostic and analytical tools, research, and statistical and other analysis. more »

Grahall Workforce Solutions, LLC

Grahall Workforce Solutions meets the talent management and staffing needs or our clients. In the continually changing competitive landscape, talented management and other key employees are crucial to success. Let the experienced consultants at Grahall help you achieve your business objectives by attracting, retaining, and motivating your human capital. more »

Grahall Online Solutions, LLC

Online Solutions is a distinctive suite of web-based rewards tools targeted to human resource professionals, executives, and Directors. These tools assist the user to obtain, calculate and analyze information necessary to execute key business, people and reward strategy work. more »

Grahall Learning Institute, LLC

The Learning Institute provides advanced total rewards learning experiences to Directors, executives, and senior human resource professionals interested in expanding their total rewards knowledge beyond the scope of introductory or intermediate courses. more »

Grahall Investment Services, LLC

The Investment Services business unit provides a unique and independent consultation on issues facing investors. We provide information on the alignment of Board governance, Board and executive compensation with business unit strategy. We also review and negotiate executive contracts for investors such as private equity firms. more »

Grahall Properties, LLC

Grahall Properties is a conference and training center used by Grahall consultants, partners, and client/users seeking to create or exchange significant insights and to identify and resolve current issues affecting their respective businesses. more »

Grahall Omni Media, LLC

The Omni Media business unit manages the flow of Grahall’s intellectual capital to our clients/users through the publication of research reports, books, articles, press releases, investor alerts, presentations, and other mediums. more »