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The Road Less Traveled Can Lead to Success


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For many companies, their people and reward strategies are under pressure to keep up with the changing business environment and increasing demands of activist investors. So how can companies tune theses important strategies to meet new and growing demands?

The Grahall 2013 People Strategy Survey will explore in depth the connection between people strategy and business success. You are invitied to join us in this endeavor by clicking here to access the survey tool.

Grahall has created the People Strategy Survey because, having worked with hundreds of firms across all industries, we clearly see the possibilities for an increased contribution to a company’s success with the rigorous review and proper alignment of people strategies. We are also seeing that, in industries both emerging and mature, the people strategies are just now being evaluated for “fit”.

The degree of success for any company is largely dependent on the quality of its people. An appropriate people strategy can substantially increase the effectiveness of the organization. But in this context, “appropriate” does not mean one size fits all. Our study is intended to provide a tool kit for companies to evaluate their people strategies and identify the myriad of alternatives to connect their human resources to their business successes.

Note this: When the business strategy and people strategy are connected together, it is not unusual for the organization to perform at the top of its competitors and comparators. Performance in the upper quartile means upwards of 50% more operating profit to work with. Consider what could be done with 50% more operating profit. Consider how that money could be invested in additional marketing, customer service, research, or additional staff.

We are not suggesting that people strategy can be the sole difference between successful firms and less successful firms, but we don’t know of a single firm with a cogent people and reward strategy that is unsuccessful.

Remember, managing people resources toward the market median or average (all things being equal) will generate average performance over time. Too many organizations find comfort in the pack and yet success is more often found on the road less traveled, however challenging and distinct.

To join us in our exploration, click here to link to the People Strategy Survey to add your data to our study.
Survey participants will receive:
• A complimentary copy of the Summary of Key Findings
• Automatic registration for the Survey Results Webinar in June, 2013
• Discounted prices for full survey results by industry and revenue size, including advanced analytics

If you have any questions about participating in the survey, please contact Judy Newman at If you are unable to participate, as a follower of our blog, you will be notified when the report findings become available in a few months.

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Just Realize It’s Simply One More Tool in Your Toolbox


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Can you hear them? Scratching away, or these days more likely pecking away at keyboards. The auditors are at it, it’s coming up on proxy time! They are working furiously, not exactly 24/7 but close to it to balance the books for some 10,000 publicly traded companies in the US. Unfortunately, not even Grahall can do this in its sleep! Journalists, activist investors, and regulators are poised to dissect the proxy statements that will start to be released in just a few weeks.

Today’s proxy bears little resemblance to that of 5 or 10 years ago, as there have been lots of changes in the way executives are compensated and the way that compensation is reported. As Grahall’s Garry Rogers says: “Nearly every aspect of compensation, with the exception of Code Section 162(m), has been revisited in the past several years. Stock options have been marginalized as a primary compensation tool because of changes in expensing and concerns about risk. In their place, the prevalence of restricted stock and performance shares is on the rise.”
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Grahall Announces the Initiation of its 2013 People Strategy Survey


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Behind every successful business strategy are effectively aligned People and Human Capital practices. However, few efforts have been made to connect People Strategy to business success. The Grahall People Strategy Survey is a ground breaking research effort that will set in motion the exploration of the connection between people strategy and business success.  The data will provide key insights into how to better align the structure and practices of key human capital programs to business strategy; thus helping Chief Human Resources Officers claim their seat at the Executive Table.

Our report will provide benchmarking data you can use to compare your practices to organizations of your own size and industry as well as expert analysis for gaining insights into which practices are best suited to your unique set of circumstances.  Other benefits include:

  • Deep insight into your organization’s Human Capital practices
  • The ability to evaluate the competitiveness and effectiveness of your current programs
  • Enhanced understanding of how your Human Capital programs impact your organization’s performance

If you are interested in participating in the survey please contact Judy Newman at or click here.


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