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Money, Mix and Messages


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“With all this talk about no hitters, when Harvey Haddix was a Pirate and pitched a 12 inning perfect game, they gave him a car.  Shouldn’t they have given him a boat?”

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Your Questions About Health Care Reform Answered NOW


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Ask the Experts about Health Care Reform Legislation

Our clients have many questions about the implication of the recent Health Care Reform Legislation. 

Just a few of the questions posed by clients and answered at our recent seminar on Health Care Reform Legislation were:

1 If I already offer coverage, can we keep the same plan under reform?
2 Are there new reporting requirements, such as on the W-2?
3 How are preexisting conditions handled under healthcare reform?
4 How does the change in preexisting condition exclusions affect the coverage I offer my employees?
5 Will waiting periods still be allowed?
6 How will the new high-risk pool work and when will it be available?
7 What if my State already has pools?
8 Will insurance through the new high-risk pools be more affordable than that through existing pools?
9 Does the law affect coverage for early retirees?
10 Does the law offer incentives to create or participate in wellness programs?
11 Will there be limits on what insurance companies can charge me or my employees?
12 What does the new law do to control costs?
13 Will there be malpractice reform under this new law?
14 Are there changes to Health Spending Accounts (HSAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Archer Medical Spending Accounts (MSAs)?
15 How will simple cafeteria plans work for small business owners?

For the answers to these and many more questions on the new legislation (including answers to questions about Health Care Exchanges and the Small Business Tax Credit) go to and download information from the June 2nd seminar including an audio recording of the discussions, all presentation materials, and other information.

Or you can contact the presenters to discuss your specific questions and concerns:

Contact Robert Cirkiel at   or 201 337 0009
Contact  Todd C. McDonald at or 508 799 9100
Contact Pate Steele at or 508 269 4065 Contact Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board at

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