For Investors

For Investors

This section of the Grahall website is for investors in organizations. Here, you will find the knowledge, solutions, and resources to make your investment decisions more effective. We assist investors in the following major areas:

  • Evaluating Board Governance
  • Evaluating CEO compensation, offers and contracts
  • Determining the degree of alignment between Board governance, compensation and Business Stratgey
  • Executive compensation and company strategy alignment

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Grahall Knowledge

What is common knowledge in the marketplace? It is harder then ever to determine if the Board Governance of an organization is effective; whether the rewards for the Board, CEO, and executives are aligned with the organizations business and people strategies. Investing has never been so fraught with danger. Due diligence means knowing how well the Board and executives are aligned with your success. Knowledge is competitive advantage when it comes to investing. Let Grahall’s knowledge be your competitive investment advantage.

Grahall provides knowledge for investors. We have data, information and knowledge specific to the challenges faced by investors in the form of investor alerts, blogs, books, surveys, research reports, articles and white papers all available for immediate download.

Grahall Solutions

Knowledge is only part of the key to success as an investor. Proven solutions that respond to the challenges investors face when results are the only thing that matters. Grahall provides solutions in the form of consulting or fully automated calculators, tools, or reports specific to your key investment challenges.

People Resources

We encourage investors looking for investment advantage to avail themselves of the unique advice from our consultants. Advisors can be selected based upon the advisors knowledge and the investor’s needs. Those needs may be specific to a general investment issue or a specific investment opportunity (investor relations, Board compensation, CEO rewards and Contracts, or executive compensation in general); or the stage of the organization (start-up, emerging, growth, mature, challenged or turnaround); certain events (IPO, M&A, Divestiture, or Bankruptcy); or it may be that specific industry knowledge is critical. Whatever the criteria, Grahall’s unique system allows you to review and select the consultant you would like to use based on the consultants know how, organization stage or event, industry and even location.

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