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Vision, Mission and Values: More than Just Words on a Plaque


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Expert Perspective by Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board

expert perspective telescopeWe have been perusing the letters submitted to the SEC relating to the proxy disclosure requirements  and came across one from the Ethisphere Institute .  According to the authors, Alexander F. Brigham, Stefan Linssen and Stephen Martin, the Ethisphere Institute is “a leading research and measurement institution in the field of examining correlations between business ethics and corporate performance.”   Their letter makes some compelling arguments for “steps to enhance disclosure around ethics, compliance and integrity [that] will be of service to the investing public and reflect an increasing trend and interest in the business community….” And they note that “…emphasizing ethics in business is a fundamental good practice and benefits companies and the investing public alike.”

Our Grahall Editorial Board recently discussed the Ethisphere letter and the concept of ethics and ethical behavior in terms of compensation decisions. 
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