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Don’t Get In a Twist About Human Capital Turnover


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Expert Perspective Form Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board

Jon Picoult made some sensible points in his recent article published in the New York Times (Here Comes a Turnover Storm) but in a few important ways he missed the boat.  No doubt there will be turnover when the job market picks up and perhaps most of that is due to employee discontent. But more importantly, before people  begin leaving (because they always do), a company should design its reward and retention programs to hold onto those, frankly, very few, who are the most important to the company. These few, in most cases not more than 15% of the workforce, are those individuals who contribute to the competitive advantage the company offers. 
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Avoid Turnover of Key Employees by Aligning your Rewards Programs with Business Goals


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Expert Perspective from Grahall

expert perspective telescopeIn an April 12, 2009 article titled “Crisis Altering Wall St. as Stars Begin to Scatter” in The New York Times, Graham Browley and Louise Story discussed how boutique firms and foreign banks “see a rare chance to upgrade talent … by luring top minds who would not have considered moving from Goldman or Morgan Stanley in flush times.”  These “top minds” are faced with the double whammy of a 30% to 50% reduction in net worth caused by the decline in stock prices coupled with the limitations in future earnings imposed on compensation that come with the tax-payer support.  Boutique and foreign firms can structure pay packages that have great appeal to top talent. 
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