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HR Leaders: Are you Managing a Business or Managing a Budget?


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Expert Perspective by Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Boaard

The fourth calendar quarter of the year is busy time for Human Resources.  The iterative budget process is coming to a close and the final effort to lobby for funds, justify expenditures and rationalize programs is at full throttle.  For those HR leaders who manage a budget, this is the essential occupation, this is their craft and their trade.  As important as securing funds for HR programs may appear to be to these HR “administrators,” the real work of HR has changed.  As we said in our blog Who Are You? HR Roles Have Changed, Have YOU?: “HR programs in themselves don’t add value to the enterprise.   It’s not what you will do (i.e. run a training program), it is WHY and HOW these programs deliver value to the business.  HR needs to be a business partner and, perhaps more importantly, HR leaders need to operate their department like a business as well.  

HR needs to transform its thinking from a “cost center” mentality (where success is measured by how big or small the budget is) to a business mentality (where success is measured by effectively allocating scarce resources to achieve critical strategic intent).  
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