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The Science and Art of Executive Coaching


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A practical and realistic approach to effective coaching for senior managers and leaders in your organization is available to you. Whether you are considering one to one coaching for yourself, a valued contributor, or are interested in building an internal coaching group “The Science and Art of Executive Coaching” is worth a look.

There can be a clear line of sight from Organization Development to Leadership Development to Executive (or high level) Coaching. My Six Step Model to Executive Coaching has led to many successful coaching outcomes. It integrates the science and the art of coaching into a powerful and effective approach.

Click here to read more about my Six Step Model.

Whether it is individual coaching or the enhancement of coaching skills within an organization, The Science and Art of Executive Coaching is a proven and successful methodology offered by Grahall.

And for more information check out my videos at:

Introduction to The Science and Art of Executive Coaching
The Science and Art of Executive Coaching Part 1
The Science and Art of Executive Coaching Part 2

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Executive Coaching: How to Make Great People Even Better


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Expert Perspective From Grahall’s OmniMedia Editorial Board

Searching for interesting articles to discuss with the Editorial Board we came across one penned by Mark Jaffe last August (Freelancing ‘Til You Drop) where Jaffe writes: “When did every living executive get diagnosed as being in critical need of coaching?…. And how did all these dysfunctional leaders manage to fool so many people for so long? How were they able to last as much as fifteen minutes given the extreme darkness that surrounds them as they stumble cluelessly through their surrealistic dream worlds?”

Well as “President of Wyatt & Jaffe, [where] Mark Jaffe has been called one of the ‘World’s 100 Most Influential Headhunters’ by BusinessWeek magazine” we wonder if he might not hold a bias against coaching.  Perhaps he is concerned if execs get coaching they will be less likely to be replaced, limiting searches.  Or maybe he is concerned that execs need for coaching reflects poorly on recruiters who are expected to offer up the most effective execs to their clients.

Regardless, let’s take a more expansive look at coaching.
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Power Coaching


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Expert Perspective on Power Coaching

In his compelling paper “Power Coaching” Jay Wolf provides answers to the critical question of how to develop and sustain human capital through coaching so companies can achieve peak performance.  As Wolf writes: “Coaching, in the theoretical sense, is the process used to facilitate others to discover the best way to successfully accomplish a goal.  It is a collaborative process that empowers people to realize their potential through building awareness, responsibility and action toward positive, lasting change.”

To read Wolf’s paper click here.

Jay Wolf is an Executive Coach, Leadership Development Consultant and a Partner of JCris Consulting Group. He is responsible for the procurement of new business, client relations management, performance coaching of high-potentials and senior level executives, and the facilitation of leadership development programs. Jay can be reached by email at

JCris Consulting Group has formed a strategic partnership with Grahall, LLC.

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