By Training Need

By Training Need

For Organizations | For Professionals | Course Options   including a New Option for Real Time Design

The Grahall Learning Institute provides hands on instructional courses and training simulations for Directors, Executives, and Senior Human Resource Professionals interested in increasing their effectiveness in designing, implementing, and monitoring total rewards programs.

  • Graduate level courses designed for seasoned professionals
  • Exclusive training previously available only to senior consultants
  • Courses designed by psychologists who understand the learning process
  • Hands on simulations that teach you how to execute what you’ve learned
  • Ongoing support once you return to work

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For more information, contact Arlene Brewster.

For Organizations

Organizations are constantly looking for competitive advantage. One way of doing that is to leverage the talents of your existing leadership and workforce through targeted training and development programs that maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your rewards programs.

The Learning Institute can help your company:

  • Equip leadership with the tools necessary to effectively utilize your total rewards programs to manage talent and deliver results
  • Provide workforce training for enhanced job performance
  • Create alignment between people, rewards and business strategies
  • Drive organizational processes and cultural messages that support business objectives.
  • Increase overall organizational effectiveness
  • Train your workforce to effectively use our web tools to increase productivity and streamline processes

For Professionals

Based on our experience in training a wide variety of professionals at various stages in their careers, we’ve discovered that the on the job roles and responsibilities of course participants directly affect their areas of interest and expectations in the classroom. As such, each one of our courses considers participant job responsibilities, level of experience, and desired outcomes from the course.

Below is a list of some of the benefits professionals receive from the Grahall Learning Institute:


  • Ensure your total rewards programs work with, not against, your business strategy.
  • Improve corporate governance practices at your company.
  • Get a handle on executive pay.
  • Recruit better, more experienced Directors.
  • Get a leg up on CEO and executive employment contract negotiations.


  • Ensure your total rewards programs work with, not against, your business strategy.
  • Attract, motivate, and retain key employees with your programs.
  • Learn the ins and outs of negotiating employment contracts and severance arrangements.
  • Train your workforce to provide the results you need.

Human Resource Professionals

  • Deliver insightful solutions to your management team.
  • Attract, motivate, and retain key employees with your programs.
  • Improve the quality of program implementation and communications at your company.
  • Save time, money, and energy by using web tools to streamline your processes.
  • Play a larger role by not only managing rewards programs, but ensuring they impact the bottom line.


  • Help your clients succeed by giving them the innovative cutting edge advice they need.
  • Widen the playing field by considering all the options, some of which are often forgotten or ignored.
  • Learn how to identify and analyze business structures, processes, and cultures.
  • Avoid oversimplification and overreliance on benchmarking because it’s the easy thing to do.
  • Convert your clients’ people and rewards strategies into a rewards architecture that supports their business objectives.
  • Protect yourself by knowing your solutions are comprehensive, ethical, timely, and most of all, defendable in a court of law if necessary.


  • Learn why total rewards strategies are an important indicator of short- and long-term corporate success.
  • Learn how to identify and analyze business structures, processes, and cultures to better understand how companies work.
  • Mitigate risk by adding another investment selection tool to your arsenal.
  • Last but not least, support socially responsible companies by investing in firms with sound ethical and financial practices.

Course Options

Grahall offers classroom, online, and self-study courses. In addition, we offer the following options:

  • Request a Course – Requesting custom, private training with the Grahall Learning Institute is a cost effective way to ensure that your employees receive focused skills and concepts as a team, and to produce direct impact on your organization’s productivity and job performance. By customizing the training to meet your unique needs, you can ensure that everyone in your organization shares a common vision about the latest in business, people, and rewards strategy and execution. Courses can be conducted on-site at your facility, off-site at one of our facilities, or at another location of your choice.
  • Team Option – During the session, participants will engage in a team-based learning experience conducted by a leading expert in the design and application of Total Rewards Strategy. Participants will have the opportunity to learn, apply, and experiment with course material through a variety of case studies, both conceptual and from participants’ prepared examples. Come to the course and join a team, or bring your team with you!
  • Onsite Option – On-site training enables you to efficiently train your staff without incurring high travel costs, or lost time as a result of being away from the office. More employees can take advantage of the programs where group sessions are an integral aspect of the training. We will tailor your on-site engagement to meet your development needs and schedules to get the best value from your training dollars.
  • NEW Real Time Design Option – Why come to our training course, practice your skills on case studies, and then go home, only to start the process all over again? If you decide to engage us for the Real-Time Design Option, we will provide you with a custom, onsite 4-day session where we help you review your company’s rewards programs, and then develop and implement a Total Rewards System under the supervision of a leading expert in the field.