The Wealth & Income Gaps: an In-depth Study


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Catch up on the in-depth discussion pertaining to the Wealth and Income Gaps before our next issue of PSX! Michael Dennis Graham has completed the first three in his series of articles on that subject, with at least one or two more studies to come. In his series he examines the implications of the wealth and income gaps for people and the organizations that employ them.

In his first article, Graham begins his study with a discussion on why these gaps arose, looking at an array of authors, economists, pundits, and politicians to see where they agree and where they disagree.

In his second article – From the Bottom Up – Graham looks at how organizational and governmental changes can help narrow the gaps by improving the circumstances of the nation’s poorest citizens.psx blog


In Graham’s third article – From the Top Down – he examines how the wealthiest can help to pay for the needed programs and services (with some changes to tax codes) to bridge the gap.



Coming up in our next issue of PSX, Graham takes a GLOBAL view to see what changes or situations have helped other countries to narrow the gaps, and how or if those experiences could be used here in the United States.

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