Majority of Shareholders Satisfied with Goldman Sachs’ Executive Compensation


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Published in Earth Times December 9, 2009
Owners Research Group (ORG) today highlighted several points from its recently completed Investor Consensus Study of the U.S. banking industry. These reports represent the views of 10% of the institutional shareholders of BAC, C, GS, JPM, MS and WFC, managing median assets of $125 billion.
When asked if satisfied with the executive compensation at each bank, shareholders’ responses had the following distribution from highest to lowest:
1. JPMorgan Chase:  Over 85% were satisfied
2. Morgan Stanley:  Over 79% were satisfied
3. Goldman Sachs:  Over 62% were satisfied
4. Wells Fargo:  Over 53% were satisfied
5. Citigroup:  Over 33% were satisfied
6. Bank of America:  Over 27% were satisfied
“Our goal is to facilitate better communications and understanding among shareholders, directors and executives,” said Eli Danziger, ORG Co-founder and Managing Director. “Executive compensation is a highly polarizing issue in the public discourse. Our data suggests that shareholders have a diverse, yet measured view as it relates to compensation. We provide Boards with a powerful tool to incorporate shareholder views when developing their remuneration plans.”

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