2018 People Strategy Research Study

2018 People Strategy Research Study

Behind every successful organization are people strategies and human capital practices. But too many organizations use incomplete human resource approaches that fail to connect stakeholders with business outcomes. Grahall researchers have developed a new People Strategy Research Study that will provide information on the ways that organizations have engaged their workforce and other key stakeholders to enhance their success.

Research study results, which will be released later this year, will provide insights into the relationship between human resource practices and organization success. Expert analysis will enhance insights into which practices are best suited to an organization’s unique circumstances.

The online survey will take about 30 to 60 minutes to complete.


The 2018 Survey Is Now Open!


For more information contact Michael Dennis Graham


Participants Will Receive an advance report of People Strategy Research Study Key Findings (upon our completion of the research).

Protecting your Data
The survey tool uses multiple layers of security to make sure your data remains private and secure:

• A third-party firm conducts daily audits of the tool’s security, and it resides behind the latest
in firewall and intrusion prevention technology.
• For additional security, we have added SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection, so that your
data is collected in a totally encrypted environment.

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Survey Outline

  • Introduction:  Organization Profile
  • Section I: Environment
  • Section II: Key Stakeholder Influences on the Organization
  • Section III: Vision, Mission, Values, and Beliefs
  • Section IV: Organization Strategy
  • Section V: Organization Engagement of Stakeholders
  • Section VI: Organization Capabilities
  • Section VII: Organization Structure
  • Section VIII: Organization Processes
  • Section IX: Organization Talent
  • Section X: Organization Culture