Should JP Morgan Split the CEO and Chairman’s Role? Now That’s a Tempest in a Teapot!


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All the discussions about JP Morgan and whether Jamie Dimon should remain as the CEO and Chairman, or if those role should be separated, miss the key and critical issue that this just one point out of perhaps 80 or more variables that determine whether a company is or will be properly governed by its board.

Here are just two of the many important issues to examine with regard to JP Morgan:

1) What is the board culture? Is it participative? Are directors encouraged to be actively engaged, or is it compliant?
2) Why is there no succession plan in place for the CEO position at JP Morgan? Whether the CEO is 50 or 70 years or age, whether they are star performers or just average, every company (and especially every publicly traded company) must have a succession plan.

So as this story plays out, and the shareholders’ vote is revealed today (which we are predicting will be in favor of continuing to combine the roles of CEO and Chairman), we too will examine these and other important consideration around board governance.

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