It Should be Executive Find not just Executive Search


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The Grahall Executive Search services are different because:

• Engagements are executed only by senior consultants
• We conduct fundamental research for every assignment, giving you the best in the marketplace, not just the best in our database
• There truly are few ‘off limits’ situations in candidate sourcing
• We utilize a unique approach called “Rational Pricing” with fees starting at a discount to the competition and percentages dropping as targeted compensation goes up. Additionally we offer relationship pricing which reduces fees on multiple searches within 1 year
• We operate on fixed fees.  Our fee is based on targeted total cash compensation; the final candidate’s actual compensation does not impact our fee
• We guaranteed your satisfaction, with payments contingent upon YOUR definition of success.
• Invoicing is based upon performance milestones, not the passage of time.
• Successful completion precedes payment in full

We invite you to watch our video (by clicking here) on this important subject. You can download the slides that are used in the video by clicking here:  ”Grahall Executive Search: Value Differentiators“.

Learn more about our services by clicking here: “Grahall Executive Search Overview“, or by contacting  me, Bill Byrnes at:
Office: 804.379.7837
Cell: 617.406.9239

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