Win One for the Organization


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Expert Perspective on Employee Relations

As John Hammond shares in his insightful paper Win One for the Organization: “To compete under today’s cost pressures, companies must streamline and restructure to run leaner and respond to change more nimbly. While most employers have little difficulty justifying cost sharing with their employees, they have been extremely reluctant to involve employees and HR in identifying cost sharing opportunities.

Employers must work with their HR people – not as administrators, but as strategists – to forge a new partnership with their employees. That’s the vital role that HR can play in breaking the cost barrier – to help create the strategy where the hard world of finance meets the “soft” world of human beings to produce the kind of partnership that can lead to financial success.”\

To download the complete paper click here: Win One for the Organization.

John Hammond is a Consultant with Grahall. He is a career communication consultant/copywriter with a broad and varied writing and educational background. John has more than 20 years of experience in strategizing, writing, editing and producing customized promotional and educational tools and materials, print and online, for target and mass audiences, whether management, bargaining or non‐bargaining.  Contact John at

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