Organization Design and Development

Organization Design and Staffing Services

Grahall’s Organization Design and Staffing services include, but are not limited to:

Board of Directors Governance Services

Our approach to evaluating Board Governance focuses on role and contribution. We match the requirements of the specific organizations governance needs to the appropriate Board of Directors governance model in order to evaluate the Board’s effectiveness in governing corporation direction and executive compensation.

Our consultants understand the challenges posed by today’s corporate governance environment and provide effective solutions in order to increase accountability and responsibility consistent with the needs of the organization. We provide services for Boards of Directors in a number of key governance areas, including:

  • Board of Directors evaluation
  • Audit, compensation, nominating, executive committee processes
  • Board, Committee and CEO performance evaluations
  • Executive succession planning
  • New Director orientation
  • Training sessions on market, environment and regulatory developments
  • Shareholder (ISS/Risk Metrics, Glass Lewis, etc.) evaluation consulting

Organization Design

Behind every great business strategy is an organization model that “gets it.” Too many of today’s organizations are better equipped to sustain themselves in yesterday’s competitive environment. Most are not prepared to take advantage of current technology and are holding on to organization designs of the past. Grahall consultants have the practical experience to assist companies in choosing an organizational model that drives business strategy now and in the future.

Our organization design services include the following:

  • Decoding business strategy requirements for selection of an organization model
  • Determining critical organization capabilities
  • Review of organization operating principles such as knowledge management, decision making, planning, communications, supervision, and change management
  • Designing teams, departments, divisions, sections, groups, and overall organizations
  • Codifying operating characteristics
  • Organization, employee, and financial impact analysis
  • Evaluation of current verses proposed alternative models

Organization Development

Organizations are multifaceted entities. In order for an organization to really execute a business strategy, it has to be operating effectively on all cylinders. Today’s organizations are often out of sync with themselves. Their organization structure doesn’t work with the key processes or culture needed to compete in today’s marketplace. Companies that compete with yesterday’s organizations have little chance of success in tomorrow’s competitive markets.

Grahall consultants have the practical experience to assist you in optimizing your organization to ensure it drives your business strategy.

Our organization development services include the following:

  • Decoding the business strategy requirements for determination of the organizational contribution requirements
  • Determining critical organization capabilities
  • Review of organization operating principles such as knowledge management, decision making, planning, management of change and supervision
  • Evaluation of critical organization and people strategy success factors
  • Change management evaluation

HR Transformation

HR leaders are increasingly concerned with the evaluation of their service delivery and methods in order to demonstrate their understanding and value in aligning stakeholder needs with their organization’s success. In order to measure HR effectiveness and transformation, Grahall assists clients with the follow-on structural redesign often indicated by HR operational effectiveness reviews.

Our consultants have deep experience in the people, process, and technology issues that impact how HR serves its customers. From high tech to high touch, we help HR leaders optimize quality, cost, and speed by choosing the right service delivery models. Our services include:

  • HR operational effectiveness and transformation review
  • Technology platform assessment – ERP, middleware, point solutions, etc.
  • Employee self serve/Manager self serve feasibility
  • HR service delivery stakeholder analysis
  • Rapid redesign sessions for HR structure and delivery model

Change Leadership & Management

With today’s environment changing more rapidly than ever before, it is important to have a resource of experienced consultants who can work cooperatively with an organization’s management team to identify, understand, interpret, and constructively and positively evolve the organization to not only survive a change but take advantage of it.

Grahall consultants have worked in all industries and in all size organizations and have on average over 20 years of successful contribution to organizational success in pursuit of important business goals. Often times, these efforts required fundamental change not just refinements.

We have advanced diagnostic tools, solutions and consultants ready to evaluate and redeploy an organization’s people resources toward the goal of accomplishing strategic goals and becoming an implementation partner with line management.

Our services include the following:

  • Business strategy decoding to determine required capabilities from the human capital component of the business
  • A value driver analysis to prioritize critical human capital capabilities
  • A consensus based evaluation of the human capital capabilities by executives and sometimes Board members
  • Solutions that reflect practical enhancers and limits
  • We employ our “rapid change” methodology with management to ensure that implementation is sustainable

Sales Operations Services

Grahall helps diagnose issues and provide solutions for back-office functions of the sales department: quota setting, sales productivity analysis, pipeline management, sales compensation, administration and analysis, technology and program communication.

Sales Operations Services include:
Sales/Service Job Design and Sales Organization Structure

  • Resource alignment with customer segments
  • Sales job matrix and role description
  • Functional reporting relationships and decision accountability

Sales Force Deployment

  • Capacity planning
  • Territory sizing

Forecasting and Goal Setting

  • Goal allocation and alignment
  • Goal adjustment policy

Sales Dashboard

  • Key performance indicators
  • Reporting methodology

Assessment of Sales Operations

  • Current process diagnosis and reengineering
  • Role accountabilities, organizational design, staffing optimization and capacity planning
  • Sales Performance Management Analysis

Incentive Management Assessment

  • Evaluation of processes, roles and tools used to manage the incentive compensation program

One-day Sales Compensation Training and Design Workshop

Marketing Alignment with Sales

Grahall’s research and experience indicates that many companies have disconnects between marketing and sales. Our practical, real world approach and solutions have delivered significant improvements in the alignment between these critical functions.

Marketing alignment with services include:

Customer Segmentation and Profiles

  • Segmentation of customers and prospects to determine the available opportunity and segments accounts based on profitability

Sales Channels to Market

  • Appropriate sales channel based on customer needs and economic value to the organization

Sales Playbook

  • Value statements that articulate how the sales effort delivers customer value
  • Account sales strategies for acquiring, expanding and retaining accounts

Sales Process

  • Roles, key activities and timing to identify inefficiencies and improve channel effectiveness

Assessment of Marketing Alignment with Sales

  • Key observations and opportunities

One-day Marketing Alignment with Sales Training and Design Workshop

Sales Force Program Implementation, Communication and
Change Management

Grahall designs solutions with the implementation in mind, using practical approaches tailored to each unique situation. Our consulting approach focuses on implementation at the start of the project and ensures that risks and disruption to the sales effort are minimized; specifically, retaining valued customers and retaining quality sales people.

Program implementation, communication and change management services include:

Implementation Risks

  • Discovery, validation and prioritization

Integrated Implementation Work Plan

  • Communication strategy
  • Roles and accountabilities
  • Media and messages
  • Change management
  • Success criteria

Sales Management Training – “Manager-in-a-Box”

  • Education and materials for first level sales managers
  • “Train-the-trainer” support

Communications Materials

  • Plan documents
  • Sales Force: “What If” Incentive Calculator Tool
  • Senior Executive information/awareness/training session
  • “Road Show” presentations
  • FAQ document

Implementation Feedback/Audit

  • Assessment of implementation results

Position Requirements Analysis

An organization is made up of many positions each with one or more employees contributing to the success of the organization. In the end, the organization doesn’t work as it was originally designed if the positions are poorly designed individually or as departments or divisions.

Grahall consultants are the most effective in the world at reviewing jobs within organizations and determining how those positions contribute to the success of the enterprise. Grahall consultants have the largest library of position analysis diagnostic tools in the industry. Some of our consultants have performed over 300 position analysis assignments on tens of thousands of jobs for some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world.

Organizations are more successful when they are designed both from the top down and bottom up. Position analysis ensures that individual accountabilities can be accomplished and work together.

Our position analysis services include the following:

  • Position analysis for requirements determination such as knowledge required, decision making, communications, change management, supervision, planning and allocating requirements.
  • Career pathing characteristics studies to determine how to promote from within more effectively
  • Organization and position fit analysis
  • Performance requirements for each position

Job Documentation / Description Writing

Job description writing (or job documentation) is a fundamental organization performance issue. A job description outlines and codifies the requirements, responsibilities, and authority of a position. If done correctly it can institutionalize the job not as the average incumbent performs it but how the top performers execute the job’s duties.

If job descriptions are out-of-date and ineffective, then other related programs such as performance management, career pathing, succession planning, training, and development have little or no chance of success.

Job documentation in today’s organizations can contribute dramatically to the organizations overall effectiveness. There are many methods today that span the range of technologies, investments, and costs. An organization should spend only as much as necessary to get the returns it desires on the job description efforts

Our job description services include:

  • Assistance in choosing the job documentation approach
  • Project planning on job description projects
  • Ongoing support for job analysis, documentation, and description writing
  • Integration with other human capital programs